Speech therapy for children

Here you can find explanations of various disorders:


A child speaks a sound like "s" or "k" wrong, or confuses them, it is an articulation disorder. It often occurs at kindergarten age, while the understanding of language, vocabulary and grammar are unremarkable.

Delayed or disordered language development:

A child speaks late, little or not at all. Mostly children show their needs non-verbally. The use of monosyllabic or disyllabic words is not age appropriate. 

Developmental disorders:

The child needs comprehensive help in different areas. The production of language (pronunciation, sentence structure, grammar) as well as understanding, hearing and vision, and short-term memory can be included.


The flow of speech is disrupted. Preschool children often stutter physiologically, which is caused by an imbalance between intellectual ability and motor skills. If there are more symptoms, please consult a speech therapist. If therapy starts early, the chances are greater for disappearance of stuttering. Fluency disorders can persist up to school or adulthood. In this case it is called chronic stuttering, which is connected to a regular therapy.


The speech speed is remarkably quick, which translates to a typical slurred articulation and poor intelligibility.


The child wants to speak either in a specific area or with a particular person, not at all or very little. Speech understanding is adequate.


It is a swallowing disorder that can occur in children with cerebral palsy, congenital anomalies and syndromes, lung and heart disease, gastric reflux and preterm infants.


There is a motor disturbance of speech, in which articulation is impaired due to damage to the central nervous system.