Adult speech and language therapy

Here you can find explanations of various disorders:


The formation of certain sounds like "r" or "s" is incorrect.


There is a fluency disorder. Sounds, syllables, or words are repeated or stretched, often accompanied by autonomic symptoms such as sweating, blushing and increased blood pressure.


There is a fluency disorder. The speed of speech is strikingly high. The understanding is impaired.


There is a speech disorder. The understanding and production of speech may be impaired. For this, the most common causes are stroke, head injury, brain tumors or degenerative diseases.


Swallowing disorders may appear after a stroke, inflammation, tumors of the neck, postoperative radiation or neurological degenerative disorders.


A motor speech disorder may appear as a result of a stroke, head injury, infection, or degenerative disease after damage to the motor system. The ability to speak is impaired, while the understanding of language and grammar are asymptomatic.