Psychology is concerned with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental impairments, diseases and disorders in child, adolescent and adult age.
We support you in difficult situations and give you professional psychological and psychotherapeutic help.

Psychology in children

  • Psychological examinations, counseling and psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy and counseling parents in education
  • Music therapy
  • Examination of school readiness, laterality and implementation of intelligence tests
  • Examination of professional orientation (for children in 9th grade)
  • Diagnosis of specific learning disabilities
  • Support and advice for neuroses, anxiety disorders and depression
  • Supportive psychotherapy for children and young people with communication problems (stuttering, cluttering, articulation disorders)
  • Biofeedback therapy (EEE biofeedback, HRV biofeedback)
  • The review is based on standardized psychological tests which are used consistently. We use particularly the non-verbal intelligence test SON-R 2 1 / (2-7) for children with language disorders, for bilingual children and children of foreign-language environment.

Psychology in adults

  • Psychological counseling and psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy
  • Support for sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders, depression, neuroses, phobias, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Relaxation techniques and autogenic training
  • Crisis management (including grief), partner and family relationships
  • Support for questions about the staff and other solutions in the workplace
  • Biofeedback therapy using modern methods (EEE biofeedback, HRV biofeedback)
  • Diagnosis of personality, intellectual abilities and cognitive functions

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